Jul 11, 2012

Looking to enhance your wardrobe with a little Junji Ito goodness?
Unfortunately there's not a whole lot out there, but here are a couple goodies for you.
And don't forget that nothing looks sexier than a few volumes of his work on your bookshelf!
Black Paradox
Ladies of Junji Ito
Killer Queen
Cursed by the Spiral

Tomie by Koi

Spiral into Horror by X V I I I
Army of One by Koi
Spiral by Paul Scott
Junji Ito Stickers by Daylen
Uzumaki Print by Emy Bitner

Limited Edition shirt by SquidBiscuit
Kirie shirt by hunnydoll

 Tomie by Abatida 


 EYEBALL UZUMAKI by Night Channels 

 Spiral by Mechanical-Koi 

 The Snail by Mechanical-koi

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