Jul 6, 2012


Uzumaki: Denshi Kaikihen
うずまき ~電視怪奇篇~
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Published by Omega Micott Inc.
Developed by Omega Micott Inc.
Released Feb 03, 2000
Platform WonderSwan

"This interactive manga tells the tale of the town of a small Japanese town, Kurôzu-Cho, trapped in a vast spiraling curse. The story is told from the perspective of a woman, Kirie Goshima, who lived Kurôzu-Cho and now looks back to certain events that took place during here high school years.
Shuichi Saito, her beloved, suggests they elope to a nearby city. Trying to find out why Shuichi is so sudden Kirie discovers that he suspects a curse. Kirie finds this hard to believe, so Shuichi brings up a grim family anecdote.
Shuichi's father began a spiral mania, collecting every thing with a spiral, ending with bizarre spiral self mutilation leading to his death. Shuichi's mother tried to purge herself or spirals, clipping off the skin of her finger prints. Ultimately dying from complications when she tries to gouge out her inner ear.
A nervous Kirie goes back into her everyday school world but things seem strange... Spirals that are part of the mundane world suddenly take on a new threatening life. A whorl of hair, a jack in a box, a scar, a plate, metaphorical spirals, love, hate, madness lurks in Kurôzu-Cho
The game is essentially a black and white manga. During the story you will make choices for Kirie directing her through the mysterious events.
The game plays vertically."

Uzumaki: Noroi Simulation 

うずまき ~呪いシミュレーション~

Published by Omega Micott Inc.
Developed by Omega Micott Inc.
Released Mar 04, 2000
Platform WonderSwan

"In this game you take play as the "Spiral Curse" of Uzumaki trying to bring curling madness to all of Kurôzu-Cho! Kirie Goshima returns but no longer as a beloved protagonist. Now she is a target, one of many, that you will try to infect with the spiral curse. In this oddly comic twist on the old horror story, not to say that this game is devoid of similar horrific elements of its predecessor.

After a brief explanation of your role as the Spiral Curse, given by Uzumaki Sen'nin (The Spiral Master) you begin your task. Generally you make life worse as merry mischief making curse.

You will be presented with a map of Kurôzu-Cho; from which you can select where to ravel. At each locations you will meet different people and be able to collect unique items. Items can be used to make the influence of the Spiral grow in certain areas, along with interacting with various people. 

As you cause more mayhem more areas being to open, which allow you torment the old heroes even more!

A small human/slug monster hybrid virtual pet can be accessed from the main menu.

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  1. This looks like so much fun! I'd really love to play this. :D


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