Apr 25, 2014

200px Project

Calling all Junji Ito fans!
Let's make the creepiest (digital) quilt of all time.

  • Just make a 200x200px image. Whatever you want! A favorite panel, screenshot from a movie, a shirt, tattoo, an explanation on why you love him, just about anything. Use your imagination.
  • If you want to use fanart, please only submit your own. We'd like to avoid art theft!
  • Save it as a .jpg. 
  • And one entry per person.
  • You can submit your entry through the submit page or email it to junji-ito-index@live.com
  • There will be a section for the names of contributors. If you don't want to be named, that's fine. If you do, you can provide a name/alias and link to your blog (again, optional).

This is just a nerdy little thing to get a glimpse into the fandom.
Not a contest or serious business ordeal. Just something fun for us to do.
I'll keep this going until May 25th (one month) and may extend the deadline depending on the amount of responses. 

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