Jun 3, 2012

New updates starting

Currently only one volume out of the Kyoufu Collection is graced with descriptions of the individual chapters on this blog. However now that the summer has temporarily relieved me of schoolwork, I'll instead be working on brief summaries for the rest of the shorts.
At some point we've all had that moment of "it was a story about this, this, and this, but I can't remember the title!".  And for new readers it would maybe give them a better idea of where they'd like to start. So hopefully this will be helpful!

I am also accepting submissions for these!
When there are so many wonderful and creative fans, why not let you all contribute?
So if you have a favorite short or just feel like doing something to kill time, I'm looking for short summaries (3 sentences or less), descriptive enough to be easily identified but without the ending being spoiled.

You can submit these in the comment section. If your description is used, your name (whatever name you use to comment) will be added to a "thank you" page.

[I would currently like to limit it to 3 per person so that as many people as would like to can contribute. This may or may not be changed in the future depending on participation.]

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