Jun 28, 2012

Featuring Tomie cosplay | by Harmony

When I first saw this cosplay I couldn't believe it! For one, finding Junji Ito inspired cosplays are like finding a needle in a haystack, but more exciting and less potentially painful. Moreover it just looked so good. I was incredibly excited when she agreed to let me feature her cosplay on this blog. Even moreso when she was willing to answer a few questions. You can read her answers below.

He's not exactly "mainstream", so how did you discover Junji Ito?
I've always been a huge fan of supernatural horror. My first brush with Junji Ito was actually via a recommendation from some friends, who was well-aware of my love for creepy paranormal stories and urged me to read Uzumaki. I picked it up and was instantly hooked! After that I started looking into Gyo, Frankenstein, Tomie and his other stories straight away. I've never stopped. I think I've read nearly all his work now.

What is your favorite story?
It's really hard to say what my favorite story is because I love all of Ito's work so much. Uzumaki does kind of have a special place in my heart though because that was the one I read first. And the last one-shot that gave me chills was A Deserter In The House so that one does deserve a mention. Amazingly creepy.

►  If one of his stories magically came to life, which one would you least like to find yourself in the middle of?
This is another hard one haha. Probably Hellstar Remina? At least in Ito's other stories the planet I'm standing on would still exist and I have some slim chance of survival.

►  Why do you like his work so much?
I love stories that are messed-up and conflict with what we would perceive as normal - in this case it's not only the paranormal/supernatural, but also things like alternate dimensions, time manipulation and anything else that would give you shivers to think about being in the middle of. Horror and arthouse are among my favorite genre of movies too and I really loved works such as those of David Lynch's (who directed Mulholland Drive and Lost Highway, among many other fantastic creepy films). Ito's works push the same buttons for me in the same way - a blend of "this is giving me goosebumps" and "OH GOD" and "what the hell?". I'm always creeped out, but the brilliant stories hook me in so well I can't stop reading!

►  Favorite recurring character?
My favorite recurring character might have to be Tomie even though I feel like I have a love/hate relationship with her. I mean, she's really a huge b*tch, but at the same time it's what makes her character so fascinating and well-fleshed-out. It's fun seeing what she and all the multiple copies of her get up to next.

►  You're trying to convince someone who has never read or even heard of Junji Ito to read his stories. Sell it in five words or less.
SHARKS WITH LEGS. Also spirals.

-Thank you to Harmony for entertaining these questions and allowing her cosplay to be shared here! Keep up the amazing work.

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