May 18, 2016

Official Translations

With a handful of new official publications out, it may be time to recap the titles that are available for purchase so you can support the man and have a real nice lookin' bookshelf.

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Museum of Horror- 3 Volumes
These are Dark Horse's old publications. Volumes 1 and 2 are Tomie's full story, and volume 3 are a handful of shorts picked from the 16-volume Kyoufu Collection. Since they're long out of print, these will run you a decent amount of money if you really want a copy, and your best bet is to find it on Ebay. While a great set, don't feel bad about passing these ones up (for the time being).

Tomie - 1 Volume
Heck yes! VIZ is releasing a hardcover deluxe edition of Tomie! There was a 2001 set but like Museum of Terror is on the pricey side.The Amazon preorder page has it set to come out December 20, 2016 for $35 USD.

(Note: These will not include the shorts contained in volume 3 of Museum of Horror).

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Uzumaki - 3 Volumes
Uzumaki has had at least 3 runs in English. VIZ first released them in 2002, again in 2007, and most recently released a nice hardcover deluxe edition (2015). Unless you get lucky, the deluxe edition is the best deal, running ~$15 USD on Amazon.

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Gyo - 2 Volumes
Gyo has also had a few releases from Viz; 2003, 2007, and the deluxe edition in 2015. Again, the deluxe edition is usually the best deal, running ~$12 USD.

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Fragments of Horror - 1 Volume
Published in 2015 by VIZ, this volume is a collection of short stories. Amazon list prices are ~14 USD for the physical copy. Digital copies are also available.

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Cat Diary - 1 Volume
The much beloved comedy about Junji Ito and his life with pet cats. Kodansha Comics published the English version in 2015. Amazon list price ~$7 USD.

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Dissolving Classroom - 1 Volume
Vertical Comics licensed this title, and the Amazon preorder page has it slated for release January 31st, 2017 for ~$13 USD.

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